Saudi Shares Center is a Saudi organization specializing in general contracting services and trading. It was founded in 1993 to specifically cater to the needs of military through the provision of various goods and services. Saudi Shares Center takes pride in giving it's service excellence to the clients, as to achieve it's primary goals and objectives. Being one of the leading business entity in the Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we only promise to do the best for our clients as well as the public in general.

Saudi Shares Center is offering many unique services and technical resources. Many of those projects were rated excellent by our satisfied clients. This is because of the applied workmanship of our well experienced and competent professionals and workforce.

Saudi Shers Center is engaged in the business of transportation and equipment lease, hardware supply, communication and security, commodities supply and general merchandise, airport cleaning services, catering, furniture supply, general maintenance and building renovation, security upgrade, printing advertising, and flower business. Likewise, Saudi Shares Center is engaged in various projects nationwide majority of which are undertaken for the betterment of environment and upliftment of standard of living.

Saudi Shares Center derives its strength from the application of a balanced combination of creative strategic skills, as well as the development of a network of business affiliates which have, time and again, proved to complement and supplement the company's capabilities.

Saudi Shares Center's commitment to continuous innovation further ensures the company's ability to produce professional services and supply goods that meet the client's expectations.

Saudi Shares Center's portfolio of supplies and services illustrates the company's flexibility and breadth of expertise. We are looking forward that this will be a great move in exploring the possibilities of dealing with you in the future