Island Rocks Trading establishment is a 100% Saudi owned organization founded in 1423H - 2002 under the rules & laws of Saudi Arabia, it started as a specialized in General Contracting Trading Services, firm located in the commercial district of al-Khobar city, Eastern province.

IRTE is aimed in achieving its primary goal and objective – “providing only excellent service to its clients”.  As one of the leading Business entities in the eastern province, we strive to provide and to do the best for our clients.

IRTE offers many unique services and technical resources, many of our undertaken projects were rated excellent by our satisfied clients. This is due to the applied workmanship of our well-experienced and competent professionals & workforce.

The adherence to highly qualified standards of services equipped with the modern equipment, machinery, technology and the strong financial position has enabled IRTE to maintain its unique reputation among the leading companies in General Contracting field.

Our philosophy

The foundation of the IRTE is built on the philosophy that (Customer Comes First) to achieve this we have developed and lived by the following core values as an organization.

Carefully listen. Constantly adapt. Always deliver.

On these three pillars the IRTE continues to grow successfully by venturing into new markets, capturing grater market share and expanding into diverse products.
Driven by the vision of our management and the commitment of our staff, the future looks brighter than ever before

Mission statement

IRTE aspires to be the leading General Contracting Corporate in the region by providing topnotch products that would meet the most stringent requirements prescribed by the clients

Strategic Direction

Guided by this mission, IRTE sets down a blueprint of its business operations revolving around the following aspects:
·    Provide a Comprehensive range of professional services to it's clients.
·    Derive business success through effective and efficient delivery of results.
·    Devise a strong and unique organizational model that is responsive to the changing challenges in the business environment.
·    Provide a conductive work environment that would attract the best people into the organization since the business expects extraordinary efforts and skills from extraordinary people.
·    Anticipate, monitor, absorb, and apply advances in technology that would ultimately benefit the client through better services.
·    Build the company’s financial strength to ensure its stability as well as its responsiveness in the provision of services

Corporate resources

The company’s greatest resource is its people.  Success and growth depend to a large extent upon their skills, commitment, and creativity.  Recognizing this organizational aspect, we place much emphasis on rigid manpower selection and skills development.  
We have a team of highly-motivated and effective workforce.  Each individual in the company shares a common commitment for creativity and productivity

Corporate strength

IRTE derives its strength from the application of a balanced combination of creative and strategic skills through a business partnership approach, IRTE enters into tie-ups with other companies that supplement as well as complement its existing capabilities.  We are proud to have developed a network of Business Affiliates which have in time proved to be the company’s strongest asset.

Key features and strengths
  •  Ability to handle divers projects and markets segments
  • Competitive global sourcing capabilities
  • Efficient project management with well established logistical infra structure.
  • Cost efficient operations and productive use of resources
  • Strong focus on customer development and retention
  • Large diversified and integrated conglomerate with strong international credentials
  • Business intelligence and domain knowledge
  • Global clientele, with sound repeat business